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Bordeaux was elected the best European destination of 2015; recently, it was also selected by the famous travelling magazine Lonely Planet as the most beautiful city in the world. Furthermore, it has won the title as the best city to live in France of 2017. Bordeaux, a city linked with tasty wines, has a lot to offer! For the public, the abundant touristic resources in this city include the nearby small town, Saint Emillion, and the beach of Arcachon. However, for the wine-lovers, the newly-opened wine museum named La Cite du Vin will lead them to an unexpected exploration.

波爾多在2015年票選為歐洲最佳旅遊勝地,孤單星球》日前也將它評為新一期全球最美城市榜首,此外,波爾多也奪下法國2017年最適合居住的城市頭銜。對於一般旅客而言,波爾多市中心擁有許多觀光資源,其中也包含鄰近的聖愛美濃小鎮(Saint Emillion)與阿卡雄海灣(Arcachon);而針對美酒愛好者,今年夏天甫開幕的La Cité du Vin葡萄酒博物館,則進一步開啟葡萄酒的探索之旅。


Under the bright sun of southern France, the wine museum looks particularly radiant and avant-garde. Eight floors high, it is an audacious project conducted Parisian architect studio XTU and British interior design company Casson Mann. Two leading characters of XTU include Anouk Legendre and Nicolas Desmazieres, who turned the idea of wine liquid into perfectly intertwined lines on the building surface. With three years of construction, the museum shows the process to the audience by pictures and videos in the exhibition room.

在南法的艷陽下,博物館外觀反射奪目光芒,如此搶眼的設計。高八層樓,博物館由巴黎建築設計團隊XTU攜手英國室內設計公司Casson Mann,完成這項大膽前衛的傑作。來自XTU的兩位靈魂人物Anouk LegendreNicolas Desmazières,將酒液的流洩姿態轉化於建築外觀所交錯的垂直與平行線條中。耗時三年的時間打造,透過專業攝影與影片記錄著建造過程,讓遊客在第一層展區對建築本體進行初步認識。


wine tasting room

On the first floor, apart from the exhibition room, glasses of different colors well arranged on the white table make it look like a futuristic flavor laboratory. The library next to the tasting room offers a quiet and comfortable environment where visitors ccan find a large numbers of different kinds of books related to the wine, including comics, textbooks, documents, etc. With geometric-shaped sofas and egg-shaped chairs, it creats a relaxing ambience.


media room


Walking upstairs along “the bottleneck of the decanter”, visitors can enjoy the fun created by the combination of knowledge and high technology. With the audio guide and the sensor in my hand, we will experience a wine trip around the world by visiting different famous wineries, listening to the stories about various grapes, reading some crucial documents of wine industry, etc. The particular place that many visitors enjoy the most is the ship-shaped projection room, which offers a chance to cruise on the same oceanic route where the ancient wine business took place… but with a little mythological touch!



Leathers, old books, velvet, pencil shavings… these words that we often hear when tasting wines may be confusing. The museum puts these elements inside glass jars for visitors to smell their specific fragrance. Meanwhile, ingredients like honey, chocolate, oranges, cinnamons and peaches… are placed in challenging area to test how many can a visitor identify within a limit of time.




On the 7th floor is a panorama restaurant which allows diners to enjoy the city view. Because there is barely any tall building in Bordeaux, this restaurant becomes a popular attraction. As for a glass of free drink offered to every visitor, the sky bar located on the 8th floor is decorated with tens of thousands of glass bottles, which makes wine-lovers’ dream come true. Walking along the sky trails outside of the bar, people can smell the wine fragrance in the air of Bordeaux, making it a one-of-a-kind city in this relaxing afternoon.